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Covid-19 Map of Cases

Select View Covid-19 Map and enter your postcode to see the rolling 7 day average of Covid-19 cases in your locality. When viewing the map, and clicking the compass (under the Home button), it can store your location to save repeatedly entering your postcode.  

Save the Three Sisters Photo Call

ELLESMERE PARK RESIDENTS Press Release 26th August 2020 REBECCA AND RESIDENTS TURN OUT IN SUPPORT OF THREE SISTERS CAMPAIGN More than 50 residents and local MP Rebecca Long Bailey turned out in the pouring rain today to pledge their support for the ‘Save Three Sisters’ campaign under threat from United Utilities. Plans are well underway […]

Greater Manchester Parks Survey

A project called IGNITION brings together 12 partners from across Greater Manchester who aim to create a greener, healthier and more climate resilient future for us all. As part of this programme we are researching innovative ideas about how we can uplift our public parks and greenspaces. Across Greater Manchester residents have access to over […]

Monton Consultation

Salford City Council have been working for some time on a scheme to improve the safety of the roads around Monton for both pedestrians and cyclists. The current need for “social distancing” and the demand by Central Government that local Councils improve provision for so-called healthy travel has provided an extra stimulus to the project. The […]

United Utilities

United Utilities Sewer Improvement Scheme Letters, Documents and Maps October 2020 Statement from United Utilities posted on their Website  – 16 October 2020 Start on Site Communication from United Utilities   – 13 October 2020 Agenda for the Planning Meeting 15 October 2020 September 2020 Revised Planning Application Summary – 15 September 2020 Planning Letter from […]

Planning Applications

The following is a list of recent planning applications received by Salford City Council. . To view the application click on the description for the application. If you wish to leave a comment on an application you will need to log into the Salford City website. If you want to leave a comment on the […]

EPRA is now on Facebook

The Ellesmere Park Residents’ Association are pleased to announce that they now have their very own Facebook page! Please feel free to send your stories, photographs or bits of news to us so we can post it onto our Facebook page.  The more news and images we post the better so we can keep it […]